Common Facility Center


Under the umbrella of Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Engineering (IMMME), this center will provide services to Pakistani industries but especially to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s local industries to characterize and analyze metallic and mineral raw materials, and finished products to assure quality control. Moreover, the institute will also help to maintain industrial standards especially in small scale industries having limited or no characterization facilities. Additionally, it will provide knowledge and develop highly skilled personnel for relevant human resources. Therefore, it will lead to strengthening industry-academia linkages by providing them with skilled workforce and testing facilities. Furthermore, it will also provide financial support and research commercialization opportunities for AUST.

It is also important to mention here that this center is located near to the industrial states of Abbottabad, Mansehra, Hattar and Gadoon, and close proximity to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) provides access to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of Havelian and Rashakai. These industrial states and zones will get immense benefit in the form of development of a skilled labour force and the availability of testing facilities and expertise that this center will offer. 


The CFC will promote and be recognized for skill development, commercialization, professional training, and research in collaboration with industrial and academic sectors.


The mission of the center will be to promote/impart relevant skill sets and provide commercial testing facility to industries running either on small scale with limited resources or need highly trained professionals. This center will be a hub for knowledge transfer to industry and commercial testing of minerals and engineering materials.


Skill Development

A unique feature of CFC under IMMME (AUST) is to train the relevant local workforce which will include students, workers, and industrial professionals according to the professional standards/needs to help them perform excellently/optimistically in their respective role/work responsibilities. Our doctoral faculty members will design and offer such short/long, regular/customized, paid/unpaid courses in their areas of expertise to fulfill the professional needs of the relevant human resources. The center will also serve as an incubation center to promote startups to help the university grow as a technical business hub attracting national and international investment by governmental/private investors and funding agencies.

Commercial Testing

The center will also provide commercial testing/analysis facility for industries and academia to test/characterize and analyze minerals and mining products. Moreover, microstructural analysis, mechanical property determination, evaluation of material processing/fabrication parameters, failure analysis for numerous machine parts and components shall also be done. Therefore, the following laboratories will be established under CFC:

  • Mining Engineering lab
  • Minerals Processing lab
  • Materials Testing and Failure analysis lab